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Company History

Desert Farms Co. is one of the biggest suppliers of high quality herbs, spices and other selective agricultural products. We carry on as definers of what quality is meant to be. We keep up as processors supported with preciseness and discipline. We began as cultivators backed up with experience and fertile lands. While keeping quality our main target, we always strive to meet the constant demands of the international market.

Commercial Registration Number: 97215

VAT number: 226 - 440 - 532

Exporters card number: 1007671

Tax card number: 226 - 440 - 532

Why choose us

Committed to excellence
We have a vision of what the very best looks like and we always strive to make this vision come true. We never compromise quality, we give more value and we commit to schedules. Simply, we’re the best at what we do.
Experience in herbs & spices production
Since we have many years of experience in the cultivation of herbs and spices, we are fully aware of what we are doing and what we are providing our customers with.
Technologically Advanced Techniques
Not only the cultivation modern techniques that matter, but also the modernization and the advanced techniques used in processing our crops are quite important to deliver high quality products.
Fully Licensed & Insured
We guarantee the quality of our products not only as we obtained the required certifications, but also through the necessary lab analysis.
Free Consultations

With a long history in cultivation, processing and exporting, the relationships we’ve built have only been possible by consistently delivering excellent products. We help our customers to build their reputation and grow to become leaders in the market.

Numbers speak for themselves

30 Products
25 Years in Business
956 Exported tons
47 Countries


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