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Desert Farms Co. is one of the biggest suppliers of high quality herbs, spices and other selective agricultural products. We carry on as definers of what quality is meant to be. We keep up as processors supported with preciseness and discipline. We began as cultivators backed up with experience and fertile lands. While keeping quality our main target, we always strive to meet the constant demands of the international market.

Company History

Desert Farms Co. is a leading Egyptian company which cultivates and exports herbs, spices and other selective agricultural products. The company is quite distinguished as its roots go back to the 1950s where our family had been granted the advantage of being cultivators having their own apt lands for cultivating herbs, spices and other agricultural products. This has been the cornerstone that shaped up our experience and put us in a position where we could tackle and handle every single aspect concerning our products. Crystallizing this expertise along with developing a vision of understanding the constant market quality demands, Desert Farms Co. has been the means for exporting our own cultivated herbs, spices and selective agricultural products.

Quality control

Out of our deep belief that quality in any institution is the core of success and development, one of Desert Farms Co. priorities was to establish a strong quality control department that applies strict quality guidelines in all production phases to obtain high quality, clear and safe products. This has been obtained partly by acquiring the apt and required quality certificates, and also utilizing unsurpassed qualified personnel. This has contributed to achieve excellence in quality standards and also constant market quality demands.
Desert Farms Co. is quite distinguished when it comes to committing to high quality, and this has helped to earn and maintain its reputation of being a leading supplier of bulk agricultural crops. This has also been the main gateway to win permanent customers and set up long‐term and strong business relations with various leading companies around the world, especially in Europe and the Americas.


One of many strength points that make Desert Farms Co. distinct from other companies is that it utilizes an accurate system that has all phases of production fully monitored, supervised and controlled. This guarantees achieving a high quality process, starting from the cultivation till shipping the product to our client.
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